naturopath fitzroy

Our Naturopath Trent spent a month in Nicaragua where he volunteered with Natural Doctors International  at their clinic on the tropical volcanic island of Ometepe.

Trent worked alongside the local doctor and psychologist seeing patients from all over the island, along with supervising observing students who were along for the trip.

After meeting the founder of the clinic and the organisation whilst speaking at a conference earlier this year, Trent was asked to join the brigade in July and was offered a scholarship. So off he went, being the only one in the group from Australia with the rest being from Canada, USA and Puerto Rico.
He spent his days living with a family in the village, seeing patients during the day in the clinic, seeing babies, kids, teens and elderly people with a whole range of health issues.
naturopath fitzroyThen spending the evenings learning about global health inequality and how Naturopaths can be part of the solution. Whilst also eat lots of delicious food, speaking Spanish, being taken on horse rides, meeting all the friendly locals and enjoying island life!
He has returned to Melbourne all inspired to keep this global health justice focus in his Naturopathic practice.
Trent is available for appointments at the clinic on Wednesdays and Saturdays.