Every body is unique, and the journey to optimal health and wellbeing is different for each individual.


Naturopathy views health as not simply the absence of illness, but as a state of balance within the mind and body which promotes optimal health and vitality. While honouring the unique and individual needs of each person.

Utilising herbal medicine, dietary analysis and planning, nutritional supplements and lifestyle advice, Trent can develop individualised treatment plans for a wide range of health issues.

Trent is passionate about working collaboratively in planning realistic and achievable health goals and treatment plans. He is a firm believer that simply telling people what to do does not work. Respectful discussions, understanding and compassion are crucial to positive health outcomes.


Our vitality comes from healthy communities, healthy families, healthy environments and importantly, a healthy relationship with food. He won’t shame you about what you eat, but inspire you to enjoy the colourful flavours, smells and company that comes with food.

Health is a dynamic state; so too is the journey to achieve and maintain it.

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